The abdomen undergoes many alterations with variations in weight and hormonal disorders, having such a large body extension is a very complex area to carry out the interventions, we have a series of tissues (fascia, fascia, muscle, skin and fat) that make it a complicated intervention.

There are different techniques to approach this intervention according to the alteration of the abdominal area, fat, with skin striations, bad position of the navel, excess skin and diastasis of the abdominal muscles, and in some more complex cases several of these causes come together.

There are several profiles of people who come to perform this technique, both men and women with accumulations of fat and sagging skin, and who have carried out different alternative treatments such as diet or exercise and when they do not obtain results, they come to the consultation. Dr. García Paricio will carry out an exhaustive clinical examination and will be in charge of explaining whether a normal abdominoplasty or a mini abdominoplasty is better, and will be in charge of explaining the surgery and its basic care in detail. Post-operative follow-ups at the clinic until full recovery and discharge.

The goal is to reshape the abdominal and lumbar contour by extracting fat and removing excess skin. We will also relocate the navel and define the waist.

The incision of this process is located above the pubis and has a variable length depending on each case.

Frequent questions:

2-3 weeks.

If a month is essential.