Cheek augmentation

Cheek augmentation

One of the most requested treatments, a well-defined cheekbone is a sign of youth, both men and women the passage of time makes the constitution of our cheekbones is impaired.

The aim of this treatment is to harmonize the face, give a tension and hydration effect.

The passage of time causes an atrophy of fat in the face due to natural aging.

The objective of this type of aesthetic treatment, in the patient is to remodel, smooth, reaffirm and rejuvenate the face in a natural way.

The loss of volume in the cheekbones, causes a face with a feeling of tiredness.

The increase and filling of cheekbones with hyaluronic acid serves to restore volume and rebuild the position of tissues that have lost mass and therefore have become flaccid.

In AVANTwell Medical we care that the results obtained are those expected by the patient.

Frequent questions:

We will apply a topical anaesthesia in the area to reduce the discomfort.

The treatment will last about 1 hour counting the time of anaesthesia.

With the one you want, all of them are suitable.

The effects usually last around 6 months, and afterwards, to maintain the result, the area will have to be injected again.

Do not sunbathe, put on sunscreen, do not do physical exercise, saunas or solariums for 24 hours after treatment.