Clinical micropigmentation

Clinical micropigmentation

At AVANTwell Medical we are committed to Dermopigmentation, with specialists with a high professional level.

Micropigmentation is a very old technique but it evolves like foam, apart from doing beauty treatments such as lip contouring or an eye liner etc ,,, our professional is a teacher of reconstructive micropigmentation.


  • Areolas in 3D, nipple
  • Periareolar scars
  • Scars by hair transplant, by operations, burns,
  • Stretch marks.
  • Vilitigo.
  • Elimination of dark circles and correction of eyelids.
  • Eye liners with shadows.
  • Blush
  • Profiling and lip mucosa.
  • Eyebrows (hair by hair)
  • Capillary micropigmentation (man and woman)


Frequently questions:

It will depend on the treatment.

At AVANTwell Medical we need to make a diagnosis, to be able to personalize your treatment, but the normal thing is usually one and another for the control per month if it is a beauty treatment such as eyebrows, lips, eye liner but it will depend on the treatment.

Surely expected.

They are appreciated from the first session.

If we have a financing system for all the treatments carried out in the clinic.