Remove mouth wrinkles (Peribucal)

Remove mouth wrinkles (Peribucal)

Wrinkles in the barcode or upper lip are formed by movement when gesturing or by external agents. As the skin is so delicate, its formation is very common. This type of aging is part of the so-called expression wrinkles, are very difficult to prevent, often caused by our own daily gestures.


The skin in the barcode is very thin, so we will use the technique “Blanching” which consists of making small microinjections in the same wrinkle, with hyaluronic acid, this technique allows to treat small and fine wrinkles without leaving lumps, nodules and repair the expression of your face.


We can also use complementary treatments to treat the barcode area such as laser or chemical peels, depending on the patient’s previous diagnosis.

Frequent questions:

The treatment will last about 1 hour counting the time of anaesthesia.

No, but in AVANTwell Medical we will apply a topical anaesthesia in the area to reduce the discomfort.

With the one you want, all of them are suitable.

The inflammation does not usually last more than 24-48 hours, produced by the injection itself, but the result is worth it.

The effects usually last around 6 months, and afterwards, to maintain the result, the area will have to be injected again.

Do not sunbathe, put on sunscreen, do not do physical exercise, saunas or solariums for 24 hours after treatment.