90 minutes

Savonage is a holistic treatment, a relaxing and beneficial Moroccan technique to deeply purify the skin, remove dead cells and regenerate the skin.

This Savonage treatment consists first of a steam bath to hydrate, soften and help open the pores of the body, then the therapist uses a Kessa glove and black soap with eucalyptus and performs gentle friction to eliminate toxins, stimulate circulation.

Your skin will be smooth and radiant.

Once the whole body is filled with this soap mousse, it will be removed with an Ayurvedic bowl of water and drops of essential oils, then another phase that will be responsible for relaxing and deeply wrapping the skin with a massage with essential oils.

Thanks to the stimulation of the microcirculation of the blood, the formation of varicose veins is avoided and thanks to the use of soaps, essential oils, helping to eliminate toxins and promoting metabolism.