Spa & Wellness

Spa & Wellness Treatments:

AVANTwell Spa are welcoming, warm and sublime spaces, where you can find yourself and feel an experience totally different from everything you have known until today. We create environments with a dreamy atmosphere, where all the senses are stimulated and awakened to achieve General Well-Being.

“Have time for yourself, BREATHE DEEP, Relax from daily stress, Replenish strength and energy, take care of yourself : keep healthy”

Enjoy exquisite treatment and personal attention, infinite sensations and choose from our wonderful holistic rituals based on the power of Mother Nature and its noblest materials, inspired by indigenous and ancestral therapies from different cultures of the world.

At AVANTwell Spa we think about culminating all your senses in order to fully immerse yourself, sounds, flavor, touch, exclusive details, sophisticated aromas, always customizing according to your needs.

Come live a truly Unique Experience that will leave you a sweet memory with the need to repeat again.

AVANTwell Spa has been created to offer you a 360º wellness experience in & out.

Our facilities are pioneering and exclusive at national level.